A Barbie Girl

Thanks to Bridget and Lucy for this idea:

I didn’t know that there was a Barbie Yoga Teacher released last year so I’m a bit behind, I know.   Brought to my attention and I Googled it.

I expected, so much criticism on the doll and I get where all that is coming from.  Between body image, careers, and plenty of issues on the doll we know these are quite common arguments today.  However this, like other things, I felt was an example of how each of us look at it.  Often we are afraid to speak up as we feel our view isn’t popular.

I will start out by saying I played with Barbies growing up. I still have some that I preserved and kept.  I never played with Barbies to look like them though.  That didn’t occur to me and instead some of my happiest moments are those with my sister on Saturdays being creative with our Barbies.   I remember Christmas’ seeing my new Barbie collections all tied up in a bow.  So many days with my sister were spent turning off the TV and playing together.   We had an entire room where we had a mix of Barbie homes/furniture and we made a lot and mixed it as well.  We created tons of experiences with our dolls as girls.

Being that creative we never thought of Barbie as having limits and could live in the world of imagination.  Maybe that freedom allowed me to be the person I am today.

Now there is a Yoga Teacher Barbie with a cute little dog.   I love that they have a dog included as one of the most known poses is “down dog”.  I often practice this posture and watch my dog every day do it herself. It is from things around us that if we stop, watch and listen we can apply it; after all nature got it right.   Could I think of tons of items or props Barbie should have?  Sure I could but let that go – nothing was stopping me from taking her and being creative with her myself.   I didn’t need anyone else to offer it to me.   So it is my own attitude or thought that I had to notice and be mindful of.

Everything has its place and we each have to find our balance in this life.  Not too much of anything – too much work, play, religion, charity etc.   You stop looking for the instructions and know that a doll or others can’t determine your true self.


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