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Recharj in downtown Washington, DC – 14th and NY Avenue

Each month there.  Once a month will be Nidra & Bowl and the next month will be Sound Bath (bowl, chimes & gong).   2pm to 3pm.

  • January 19th & 20th – Sound Bath
  • February 16th & 17th – Nidra + Sound Bowl
  • March 16th – Sound Bath
  • April 13th & 14th – Nidra + Sound Bowl
  • May 18th & 19th – Sound Bath
  • June 15th – Nidra + Sound Bowl
  • July 20th – Sound Bath

Register early to save $5.   Space is limited.  Come listen and lay on the comfortable sleep pods as I guide you. and go to events.  Class passes can’t be used for workshops however membership passes include this workshop.  $30 regular rate.

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532 Yoga Studio in Old Town Alexandria to register under workshop events

  • June 8th 2pm to 6pm Mindfulness Meditation 1 – Continued Education (4 CEP credits issued).  For those new to mindfulness or those looking to deepen their experience.  Perfect for those teachers or social professionals who want to discuss ways to incorporate the practice.  Also talk about marketing and the DC Students.   Sign up early to save – $200 regular and $175 if you register now.
  • June 29th 2pm to 6pm- Instructing Yoga for Special Populations  How we take the principles of yoga into our classes is important to your development as a teacher; we are not the same.  Instructing Yoga for Special Populations Workshop, part of the Teacher Training Program, will discuss adaptions and modifications to create a safe environment for all types of students.  This 4-hour training Paige will offer a basic overview of restrictions some may encounter, and how to adapt the practice using positive language that makes the student feel empowered; all while maintaining the integrity of the practice.  This is not a certification in specialized areas; this will introduce you to adaptions and modifications in your classes with an awareness of special conditions.  For this workshop we will discuss populations specifically for:
    • *PTSD and severe anxiety
    •  Teens/Tweens
    • Survivor of Stroke, Brain Injury, Cancer, or Assault
    • We will also discuss specialized trainings and ways to address groups who may not want to be touched.  
  • July 6th  2 to 6pm Pranayama Basics Learn about yogic breathing called Pranayama.  In this workshop, come join some of those who are part of the Teacher Training Program, where you will learn about practicing and teaching various pranayama techniques. Learn about the anatomy of the breath both physical and energetic.  Even if you have be taught Pranayama before this will be a great way to refresh your understanding.  

    Researchers have documented the benefits of a regular practice of deep breathing, which include reduced anxiety and depression, lower blood pressure, increased energy levels, muscle relaxation, and decreased feelings of stress.

    We will review some Pranayama covered earlier this year; Dirgha (Three-Part Yogic breath) and Nadi Shodhana (Alternate Nostril Breath).  We will also introduce you to Brahmari (Bubblebee breath), Kapalabhati, Alternate Nostril Kapalabahti, Bhastrika and Anuloma Viloma (Alt. Nostril with a pause).  

    You will learn about contraindications and ways to safely teach breath-work in your classes. We will also break out into groups to teach each other as we learn.

  • July 14th 2pm – Yin & Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra with Live Harp Worshop. Experience deeper levels of peace and health. Give yourself permission to rest and restore. The first part of this workshop will be a Yin Yoga Practice and then ending the last hour with Live Harp and Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra (Guided Meditation).

    Yoga Nidra is a meditative practice requires nothing of you but to lie down, listen to both the teacher (Paige Lichens) and Live Harp Music (Kara Welch) Be supported, held, and nourished as you discover profound peace and vibrant health.

    Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra® has the power to transform you. This meditation guides you through each layer of being called the Kosha’s.

    What to expect:
    You’ll start with a short session of discussion. What the various practices are and and then you use some positions to strengthen the joints.
    The last hour you will rest in stillness, lying down in a relaxation pose or in a seated position, while being guided by your teachers soothing voice and live music.
    The last 15 minutes you’ll simply lay and listen to the beautiful harp music.
    Practice is for anyone with a desire for inner peace. No yoga experience is required. This practice has been used to successfully aid insomnia, anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD, pain and adapting to travel & time zones, and other issues and changes.

***New Class starts March 18th 9:30am Moderate Yoga with Paige***


Past Tense Yoga Studio, Washington, DC 


Sound Bowl Meditation – 8:15pm – First Sunday of EACH Month –  A monthly class (not a workshop)- do this class alone or double it to attend the Yin Yoga class before.  Perfect to introduce you to the sound bath practice and meditation.  NO CLASS AUGUST.  September will be the 2nd weekend after labor day.

Restorative Yoga & Sound Bath Meditation Saturday September 28th 4pm:  2 hour workshop that combines restorative yoga and sound bowl meditation together.  NO experience required.

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Take Five Meditation in DC (Dupont Circle area)

Site to register:

May 12th 2:30pm to 4pm

Yoga Nidra and Live Harp Meditation – Kara and I are taking our combo practices to Take Five for the first time.   Come lay or sit and listen as we guide you into a comfortable state of relaxation.   Space is limited.  Be sure to register.


Yogaworks 14th Street in DC

June 22nd Saturday 1:30pm to 4:30pm – 3 hour workshop and 3 CEU’s will be available.  At this workshop I will be instructing on the differences between Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga.   We will go over the styles, how they each came about, history and what makes them similar and different.   Many get them confused.

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Picture of my Gong, bowls and chimes:

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