Books & Podcasts

Books & Text – some are yoga books and some just have the yoga spirit:

Learning: Yoga & Meditation Books

  • “Your Spine Your Yoga”  – Bernie Clark
  • “Living the Sutras” A guide to Yoga Wisdom beyond the Mat” DiNardo & Pearce-Hyaden
  • “Intelligent Yoga” – Peter Blackaby – recently updated not avail yet in US – must order it directly from Peter but easy to do so.  He may even sign it!  #peterblackaby
  • “The Buddha Walks into The Office” – Lordo Rinzler
  • “The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga” Bernie Clark #bernieclark
  • “Deep Listening” – Jullian Pransky #jullianpransky
  • The Teacher Appears: 108 Prompts to Power Your Yoga Practice” – Brian Leaf – #brianleaf
  • “The Here and Now – Habit” Hugh G. Byrne, PHD #hughbyrne
  • “Hatha Yoga Pradipika” – Muktibodhananda Swami
  • “Yoga and the Quest for the True Self” – Stephen Cope #stephencope
  • “Yoga & Ayurveda” – David Frawley
  • “Kripalu Yoga” Richard Faulds
  • “Pilgrim of Love: The Life and Teachings of Swami Kripalu” – Atma Jo Ann Levitt
  • “True Refuge” – Tara Brach  #tarabrach
  • “Yoga Yajnavalkya” – Translated by A.G. Mohan #agmohan
  • “Mindfulness Yoga” Frank Jude Boccio
  • “Light On Yoga” –  BKS Iyengar  #iyengar
  • “The 8 Human Talents” –  Gurmukh  #gurmukh
  • “The Heart of Yoga – Dev a personal Practice” by T.K.V.  Desikachar  #desikachar
  • “A New Earth” – Eckhart Tolle  #tolle
  • “The Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali”  – many versions but esp fond of Sri Swami Satchidananda
  • “Bhagavad Gita” – many versions
  • “Yoga as Medicine” -Timothy McCall, M.D.
  • “Gandhi on Non-Violence” edited by Thomas Merton
  • “A Life Worth Breathing”  – Max Strom  #maxstrom
  • “There is no app for happiness” – Max Strom
  • “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramahansa Yogananda
  • “Yoga Mala” – Sri K. Pattabhi Jois  #jois
  • “Yoga and the Quest for the True Self”  – Stephen Cope
  • “Soul Friends” – Stephen Cope
  • “The Four Desires” – Rod Stryker #rodstryker
  • “True Love” Thich Nhat Hanh  #thichnhathanh
  • “Krishnamacharya” AG Mohan
  • “The Secret Power of Yoga” – Nischala Joy Deve
  • “Yoga Reminder: Lightened Reflections” by A. G. Mohan and Ganesh Mohan
  • “Yoga & the Pursuit of Happiness” Sam Chase

Books with positive thoughts, wisdom, stories, inspiration & Bios:

  • “Becoming” by Michelle Obama
  • “Salt Water Buddha: A surfers quest to find Zen on the Sea” Jaimal Yogis
  • “If I Understood You, Would I have this look on my Face” Alan Alda #AlanAlda
  • “May I be happy: A Memoir of love, yoga and chaning my mind” Cyndi Lee #CyndiLee
  • “The Goddess Pose: The Audacious Life of Indra Devi, the Woman Who Helped Bring Yoga to the West” by Michelle Goldberg
  • “Misadventures of a Garden State Yogi” – Brian Leaf
  • “Misadventures of a Parenting Yogi” – Brian Leaf – get ready to laugh outloud!  
  • “The Book of Joy” Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu
  • “The Buddha Walks int a bar” – Lodro Rinzler
  • “Learning to Breathe” – Priscilla Warner
  • “Learning to Breathe” – Alison Wright
  • “My Year With Eleanor” – Noelle Hancock
  • “Art of Racing in the Rain” – Garth Stein
  • “The Happiness Project” – Gretchen Rubin
  • “A dogs purpose”  – Bruce Cameron
  • “Estranged” – Jessica Berger Gross
  • “Enlightened – Jessica Berger Gross
  • “The Journey Home” Radhanath Swami
  • “White Lama” Douglas Veenhof
  • “Rebel Buddha- on the road to freedom” – Dzogchen Ponlop
  • “What makes you not a buddhist” – Dzongsar Khyentse
  • “Hand Wash Cold”-  Karen Maezen Miller
  • “Paradise in Plain Sight” – Karen Maezen Miller

Note – books are not listed in an order of importance or preference.  Enjoy!


Podcasts – you have to have an app for Podcasts or go to the I-Tunes or sites directly to listen.  Free to listen too.   There are many out there.  Anyone can do a podcast.   Here is  a lists of Podcasts I enjoy.  Order does not list a preference.  Some are yoga and some are just nice ones to enjoy:

  • Stuff You Should Know – been around for over 10 years.  Topics vary and the two hosts are kind and full of knowledge.  Having a tough drive home?  Traveling?  That is whey I put them on and find it help me ease my mind.  Plus I learn things I really had no clue about.
  • DC Yoga Podcasts – New and the speaker is having talks with DC Yoga teachers to show the diversity of those teaching here in Washington, DC.  Topic will be based on that guest.
  • Jonathan Foust – Meditation Teacher and this is often a recording coming from his Monday night class.  You can’t attend his live class?  Then listen to his Dharma talk.  Most often the talk doesn’t include the times for silent meditation that he starts with.  His talks are so helpful though.  I have a personal reason for liking his style though – he was my teacher at Kripalu.
  • LifeSpa Ayurveda Meets Modern Science – Dr John Douillard – who I have had the honor and privilege to study from at Kripalu.   I like his way of explaining Ayurveda with science facts. He is also available on Yoga Journal for a six week on-line course.
  • Metta Hour with Sharon Salzberg – did you know there are different meditations?  Not everything is sound or mindfulness.   Sharon is an amazing author and teacher.  She often has guests on her podcast.
  • J Brown Yoga Talks – J has been interviewing Yoga Teachers from around the world.  Although sometimes his talks seem to touch on mostly studio yoga teaching and the troubles of running the business, he does sometimes get those who teach out of that space.  So it introduces you to many different areas such as prison yoga, elderly, and types.
  • Clutch – a podcast from Icewater yoga – only started listening but love the speakers already and really like the host.  Some hosts like to lead the talk but this one is really great at asking good questions and letting the speaker explain.
  • Heart Wisdom Podcast – Jack Kornfield – very well known and respected.
  • Tara Brach – So many know her from her meditation lectures and books.  She teaches here in DC as well.  She and Jonathan Foust are married – sometimes I can hear their influence to each other in their Dharma talks.
  • Curvy Yoga – Been around a long time – host is amazing and likes to talk about her experiences in the curvy world and often has speakers.
  • LOLA Community Podcast – my friend Pleasance Lowengard Silicki – talks about intensions, health and has speakers from time to time as well.
  • Living It – New Podcast – the hosts just came out with a book I enjoy called Living it.  On the podcast they interview speakers and sometimes refer to their book which compares the Yoga Sutras to modern day examples.  Guests have been many I follow already.   The hosts sometimes are more familiar with their styles of yoga and they are being enlightened by the guests knowledge.   You may as well if yoga and meditation is new to you.


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