Office Wellness Programs

Yoga has been around for thousands years; helping people see the world around them more clearly. In the last 50 years Western Science has been witnessing that yoga and meditation can lower injuries, decrease stress, offer better sleep, help with depression and boost company moral. Doesn’t that sound like something needed in the work place?

Some employers still view health and wellness programs as a perk or benefit, but that is starting to change.    Many employers are starting to realize the cost benefit to their bottom line by offering programs that keep employees healthy, happy and inspire ideas.  Just think of how much your company will save as many would think clearer, be happier and be sick less often.  Productivity increases, health care costs are reduced and there is less turnover. Not to mention if an employer offers a wellness program they can inform their health insurance company and receive financial incentives back – saving money. 


“Paige has led several mindfulness and meditation classes at our company. She has helped staff at all levels with techniques to deal with stress and how to incorporate being mindful during and after work. Paige is easy to work with and is able to introduce small changes that make a big impact. We are so grateful to work with her and will continue to partner with Paige to make our organization more efficient and keep our staff healthy and happy!”  Kelly Burns, HR Manager


What I do: I customize programs in unique spaces at office workplaces – creating corporate wellness programs, office yoga classes, meditation, chair yoga and ways to use the office as a space to practice your yoga or mediation daily.  Conferences or one time workshops on ways to reduce tension and/or improve listening are also available.

I worked for over 25 years in corporate offices and have an understanding of the deadlines, pressure, environment and demands.  I’m able to break down the processes in very easy, simple and understandable and logical language; therefore even those new to Yoga or Meditation will walk away with benefits even after one class.

Did you know that: For every $1 invested in workplace wellness,

 a company can expect $3 in cost savings or benefits?

Thinking about starting a corporate wellness program?  Lets discuss the kind of program, timeline and costs.   Most class sizes are 5 to 12 people.  Average cost is around $8 to $12 a head if you are budgeting.  We can discuss flat rate programs and build a unique program to fit your needs. I can do 6 to 12 week programs.  The longer the weeks, the more I can discount the rate.  Coming to me directly eliminates overhead.  Lets talk further.

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