“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did,

but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
– Maya Angelou


“Paige – you are my soul healer.  Her teaching comes from heart. You always know what to say during the practice that goes straight to the heart. You taught me to slow down and “be with it”. Your sense of humor and laughs during the practice, I love them so much! I still wonder how you can play gong and sound bowls during meditation at the same time!” – Anya

“Excellent clear cueing in yoga that is gentle compassionate yet effective and empowering. She does amazing things with guided meditation in yoga nidra– such complete relaxation, and the sound bowls are not to be missed.”  – Amanda

“This was an excellent workshop with Paige (as always)…  the discussion and practice comparing yin, gentle and restorative were excellent ways to set-up, experience and think about how these practices vary in impact. Thank you for offering it to non-TT participants.” – confidential feedback from a student to a yoga studio owner.  


“Paige’s classes are safe and welcoming. The energy super positive and accepting. I have taken several of her gentle classes and always leave feeling stronger, more confident, and happy. If you get an opportunity, take a Sleep Nidra class with Paige, it is a very cleansing and relaxing experience.” Mary Beth 


“My wife and I have tried other yoga nidra classes but something about her pace and voice that calms us that makes us drive far to her workshop in DC.  I find myself focusing and not simply going to sleep when she teaches compared to other Yoga Nidra I’ve had.  I also love her gentle yoga class as well.” 


“I loved Paige’s Yoga Nidra class. In fact, I loved all her classes I took at YogaWorks. She is a great teacher! I had a monthly pass in July and used it almost daily. I found Paige the best teacher in the studio. Now I have returned to my native country, Finland. But I signed up on Paige’s Facebook page, so I can keep in touch with her. “


“I just wanted to thank you for the special prenatal class you did for me when my Mom was in town.  She practices yoga and she really enjoyed our special session.  Thank you!”

“Paige is a very talented teacher who really nourishes her students. She shares so much of her knowledge during (and before or after if you’re interested) class. She’s warm, engaged, funny, and real.”

Paige was an incredible yoga instructor who taught weekly corporate sessions at my organization. She was always able to take class participants out of a stressful work day and provide relaxation and centering experiences for everyone. I regularly practice yoga, and Paige was one of the best instructors I’ve ever had. I would absolutely recommend anyone to use Paige for corporate or private lessons. You wont regret it!”

Paige has done an amazing job introducing mindfulness and meditation to our company. Her calm and joyous manner adeptly introduces even the skeptics to the benefits of meditation. She uses a multitude of techniques including walking, meeting, eating, mantra, and object focused meditations. I have found her training very helpful and used it in both my professional and family lives. She is an asset to any company and I feel very lucky to have been exposed to her teaching.”

“Paige is a wonderful teacher she very good at explaining why you do the poses this way and what they do for you and the body. She puts you in a very relaxed state and you do more releasing in the poses but not with effort but ease and breath. I am learning to be where I am and not compare with others in class and just be happy with where I am in the poses. Being happy with myself.”

“I’ve practiced with Paige for the last two years in larger and smaller group classes. Paige has extensive experience in a variety of yoga practices and incorporates all this knowledge into the thoughtful way in which she teaches. She has a very positive way of urging her students to improve and expand their practice. I feel that my range and flexibility have grown under Paige’s compassionate tutelage. Whether in a large studio or a small one it feels like Paige is teaching directly to you.”

Paige really cares about your learning how to do the poses. She carefully explains how to do each one, instead of just calling out the pose names like many teachers do.” – From Beginning Yoga Student 


“I really like Paige Lichens who teaches Beginner’s Yoga at the studio I go too. In my opinion, she is a very talented teacher. I encourage you to try her class, especially if you are new to yoga and sceptical about it.” (Yelp review Oct 2015)

“Hi Paige, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say that I’ve really enjoyed your yoga class. I’ve been wanting to get back into yoga but it’s so hard sometimes to find the time. I really appreciate the safe space this class offers to spend time with my son while still getting some yoga time for me. Plus I love seeing him “omm” and watching him try to imitate some of the poses both in the class and at home. He can’t stop practicing his downward dog. Thanks to you”

“As a new Yogi, I am still learning.  Just want to tell you how much I love Paige.  She is good for the soul and spirit.  I am the quintessential Type A personality classic DC mess.  But my classes with Paige help me achieve peace.  I wish she taught more at the studio.  If only I could take her to work with me everyday.  I am sure a lot of her students say the same.”

“My husband and I attended your prenatal partners class and really enjoyed it so much. What a nice experience to just be in a quiet, calm space together and connect. When we arrived at the hospital we found ourselves swept up in the flurry of hospital birth, but thanks in part to our work with you, we were able to stay connected and find our happy place despite the poking, prodding, checking and monitoring. Thanks so much for a great workshop and I look forward to seeing you again.”

“Thank you for following up with us. We were surprised by how much we enjoyed the workshop. The experience reminded me that sometimes it’s best to leave expectations at the door and allow oneself to be present. Thanks for helping us add new “tools” to our arsenal for childbirth, but mostly thank you for creating a nurturing space that allowed the couples to connect at a very precious turning point in our relationships.”

“Thank you so much for coordinating my family’s yoga class and connecting us with Paige. Paige is absolutely amazing! She was personable, approachable, and professional and created a class that was perfectly suited to all of our skill sets and ages. We all had a wonderful experience, and felt even more connected as a family afterward. My mother definitely felt celebrated. The experience has inspired all of us to continue taking yoga, too” Christine

“I’m so grateful for the prenatal yoga I did with you (wow, four years ago now!). Made such a difference in my outlook and I call william my yogi baby because he was so calm and relaxed as an infant…I’m convinced yoga had something to do with it and will never forget the first time I felt him move during shivasana. And while I ended up with a c-section, the nurse commented on my great breathing–all thanks to you! I hope other women will benefit from your guidance!” Nicole

“I just started attending the U Street studio and still new to yoga.  I really appreciated your humor and outlook.  You took the science of yoga and turned it into art form.  My friend and I really enjoyed this class compared to other classes we’ve ever taken.  We will be back.  Thank you for making the class fun!” Lila


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